How Effective Is Your Site?

Do you have a website in need of an update? We’ve had many enquiries about website development, ranging from small, simple sites to large, complex e-commerce websites – and at Media Musketeer, no job is too big or small. The important question is – what does your website need to deliver?

A website is a 24 hour shop window for your business – it’s permanently available & accessible from almost everywhere. The advantages of this are manifold, and so it’s important to ensure that your website is representative of your business’ brand. Your site may be the first exposure for many potential customers so a good impression is imperative.

In today’s digital climate, capturing data to understand the effectiveness of your site is vital to remain competitive. Measuring website traffic to monitor the elements of your website receiving most visits can provide you with invaluable insights to help your business grow. What drives visitors to your sites? How long do they browse for? Being able to answer these questions all assist with increasing the likelihood of relevant traffic to your site? If you’re not keeping a beady eye on the data available to you, then it’s time to make changes!

A better knowledge of these things will also allow you to design your site more effectively and identify areas in need of improvement. This knowledge can be attained from an all singing, all dancing service called Google Analytics which we use to generate detailed statistics about your website’s traffic and sales.

Our team at Media Musketeer will get this service up and running, will report on what’s working and what can be improved based on the statistics, and will provide training that will allow you to utilize Google Analytics by yourself in future.

So if you’re in the dark about how effective your website is, and want to identify areas for improvement, contact us at Media Musketeer NOW!

– Damien