An Idea Was Born

The launch of Media Musketeer has been pending since late last summer. We first discussed the concept of bringing our skills together in a muddy field at Glastonbury 2014. Amongst the beer, rain and mystical looking headbands – an idea was born. There’s a lot more to starting up a new company than was first anticipated. Business plans, budgets, branding – they all take time and a whole load of brainstorming. Due to the nature of Media Musketeer’s services – we were lucky enough to be able to nurture the brand and handle all digital and printing needs in-house- just as we can do for you!

Now that we are up and running, we will be maintaining this blog to keep you updated with our news plus any interesting findings from the marketing industry. The digital world is ever changing, with technologies and strategies continuously developing. Keeping up to date is an exhausting job for any busy bee – so count on us to do it for you.

– Rach