A Month And A Half On..

So it’s one month and a half after the official launch of Media Musketeer, and we’re delighted to report that things have really been taking off recently!

Our website and social media pages went online a month ago, laying the foundations for our new company and getting the ball rolling. These pages provide our potential clients with insight into our team’s personality and our previous work, allowing them to assess whether Media Musketeer’s services are suitable for them. We are delighted to say that the reaction since our launch has been overwhelmingly positive, and our first month has been defined by hard-work, as well as a healthy dose of excitement at getting the business up and running and getting stuck into our first projects!

To elaborate on the work we’ve been doing, we are currently developing websites for three companies based in Edinburgh. The first of these is a company called XOX Heat, a beauty salon who specialize in luxury tanning. The second is for a theatre production company called LR Stageworks, who write and produce their own original plays, some of which have been shown at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. And the third is for RR Cage Hire, a new start-up company who lease out professional quality cages to MMA events in Scotland.

We’re very excited by the diversity of the jobs we’re attracting thus far, and this is only the beginning. We are now in the process of launching a strategic leaflet campaign that will outline our services to potential clients, and believe that the work we’ve done thus far is only the tip of the iceberg!

So if you think you would benefit from our services, or if you’d like to ask us any questions, get in touch today at 0131-237-0310 or write to us at info@mediamusketeer.com